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What To Expect

Step 1
The Consultation 

We will open a record just for your hair going through its current condition, previous treatments and what you would like to achieve. We will then advise you on how we can make it happen and how many sessions it may take. There is zero obligation to proceed with a service after your consultation - We are very happy for you to take your time to decide on any major changes!

Step 2
Housekeeping and Safety

If you have not had a patch test please visit us 48 hours before appointment.

However if you are pregnant we advise you to take a patch test even if you have had colour done previously.


All minors must have a form signed by their parents/legal guardians accompanied with a patch test regardless of previous treatment elsewhere. We will not apply permanent or semi-permanent colour to under 13’s and we will not apply bleach to the scalp of under 18’s.

Step 3
The Big Day

We book in your appointment! We recommend when undergoing a major colour change* that we book an appointment at least 24 hours in advance so we can test a cutting of your hair (When lightning) If both parties are happy to proceed we will complete the service on the day.

OH And Last But Not Least

Order a drink, flick through social media or a magazine (when appropriate!) and Relax! You are in safe hands.

What To Expect
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